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Testimonial 3

“Dr. Jon is great!

I recently had BA (breast augmentation) and after much research and many consultations I decided on Jon P. Trevisani as my PS [plastic surgeon]. I am at my seventh month post-op and had my six month check up last week. I am COMPLETELY satisfied. After seeing many of his photos in the office and meeting the staff, my decision was easy. His office and staff are very impressive. I had been advised from other surgeons to “go bigger” because they advised me that “you are never big enough”. Dr. Jon made me feel comfortable with my decision to stay fairly small compared to previous consultations. With my 375 cc’s I am now a comfortable 34D. If I had gone any bigger I would have gotten stretch marks. Great Job Dr. Jon. The 1 1/2 hour drive from Ocala was well worth it! “

– Tanya