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Testimonial 2

“He’s amazing. 🙂 There’s not a soul in the world who would ever believe my boobs are implants. The surgery was so easy, no bruising, very minimal pain and discomfort, and a quick recovery. As someone who usually scars really badly and forms keloids… only 9 months later and my scars are almost nonexistent! He’s a wonderful doctor and isn’t out to make you look fake. I went to him after 2 other consults where I was told I should have about 350ccs. I was terrified they would be too big!! Dr. Trevisani told me that to achieve the natural look and size that I wanted, I should go with a 425 to 475. I trusted his recommendation, and let me tell you – he was right. My breasts are not large by any definition, but they are the perfect size for my body. If I would have gone with the 350 I wouldn’t have even noticed a difference! I hear so many girls who after surgery either wish they had gone bigger or smaller… I don’t wish either. I am so incredibly happy with the size I have! They look great, natural, soft, hardly any scars… I couldn’t be happier! He has a very skilled hand and eye and a wonderful bedside matter.

I would recommend anyone to go see him. I know I’ll definitely be back to see him!!! “

– A.P.