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Testimonial 9

“I’m 31 years old and have 2 children. I’ve always had very small breasts, and I knew from the time I was about 18 that I would eventually have a breast augmentation. After my second child, my small breast situation seemed to worsen and there was almost nothing left of them. My body image was plummeting and I knew it was time to do something. I did tons of research on the internet and although I was afraid of the pain, I decided this is what I wanted to do.

After researching credentials, I narrowed my list of prospective surgeons down to just a few. After consultations with different doctors, I chose Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani to perform my surgery. His staff was friendly and extremely knowledgeable, and the office was very professional and clean. I arrived with a list of 18 questions, 16 of which were thoroughly answered by the nurse before the doctor even came into the room! Once I met Dr. Jon I understood why he has such a great reputation across Florida: his top priority is to get a perfect understanding of exactly what size, shape and projection I wanted. The patient’s desired outcome is his number-one priority, which is extremely admirable (and hard to find!). He continued to ask me questions until he had a very good understanding of what I wanted, and then he moved forward with his recommendation. He seemed very down-to-earth, yet very professional and knowledgeable in his field. After deciding on what type of implant to go with, I tried on a few sizers to fine-tune the size decision, and then I scheduled a surgery date!

Between the consultation and the pre-op appointment I came up with a few more questions. Every time I called the office his staff was friendly and able to answer my questions right away. By the time I arrived on my surgery day, I knew exactly what to expect. Again, the entire staff was warm and friendly, and they made sure I was completely comfortable during my entire visit.

I woke up from surgery feeling great! My breasts felt a little swollen (same feeling as breast engorgement that first week or so of breastfeeding), but nothing I couldn”t handle. In fact, right before I left the surgery center I asked if I had to take the pain medicine or if I could just go without it! I think my swelling peaked around 3 days after surgery, that was the first time I really wanted to take a pain pill. Not because I was in severe pain, but just “uncomfortable” with the swelling (my skin did a LOT of stretching). By the end of the second week I was back to my normal activities, and by the end of the fourth week my breasts were soft and felt like a natural part of me!

The whole process was very simple, and the pain was way less than I ever anticipated. My breasts look gorgeous, and my self esteem has skyrocketed. I feel so much more feminine and confident. The only regret I have is that I didn’t do this 10 years ago!

He has the hand of a perfectionist and the eye of an artist. I’ve been more than pleased with my entire experience and I would highly recommend Dr. Jon to anyone considering breast surgery.”

– Jan