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Testimonial 7

“Dr. Jon listened well and was very non-intimidating. He was just as pleasant when I came back with a possible problem after my surgery. When asked his recommendation, he recommended a larger implant (400cc) when other doctors had recommended 300 or 330cc for me. He had all the right credentials and I also perceived him as competent to do the job. Although I was only offered a crease incision, I agreed because Dr. Trevisani was in a silicone study for primary BA [breast augmentation] patients. In the end, he did a fine job and I am very happy with the results at almost 5 months…

Oops, I did forget to mention where I found Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani (another Dr. Trevisani exists in the area, not to be confused with Jon Paul Trevisani, the ps [plastic surgeon]). “Steph” from Georgia, on your site, used him and knew he could do silicone for primary BA [breast augmentation] patients. She passed that on to me and I set up a consult after seeing his page on your site. Take care and thank you for your site. It has meant a lot to me. “

– Sandra – Tampa, FL.