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The BRAVA® Breast Enhancement and Shaping System

The latest and most innovative techniques in Breast Surgery were discussed at the Twenty-Sixty Annual Breast Surgery Symposium that Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani attended in Atlanta, Georgia. The program demonstrates through live surgery various techniques in breast surgery. It also provides updated panels discussing various aspects of aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery. The current trends and techniques in breast augmentation and results using various implant types, shapes and surfaces as well as fat injection advances and controversies were also presented.

One topic that that raised much discussion was the use of the BRAVA® Breast Enhancement and Shaping System. This system allows for fuller breasts without the need of prosthetic implants. The question, “how does this BRAVA® system work?” arises. Quite interestingly, the BRAVA® system consists of two domes that are placed on breasts and is worn for 8-10 hours a day for approximately 3-4 weeks. These specially engineered silicone gel rims have a sophisticated minicomputer built-in that creates and regulates the tension within the domes. This creates an external tissues expansion mechanism. After the allotted time frame, doctors are now introducing autologous fat transfers to these areas where tissue expansion has occurred. The fat from the abdominal or thigh areas are withdrawn and carefully centrifuged. This fat is then placed in the breasts. The results are fuller, shapelier breasts without the use of implants.

Although the art and science of this development is in its infancy and no long-term studies have been drawn, patients who have had this procedure are left satisfied. Of course the questions of evoking mammographic difficulties, pre-cursor to breast cancer, effects of capsular contracture, fat re-absorption rate are still vague.

Whether this is a viable option for patients seeking fuller-shapelier breasts will be continued research. An upcoming meeting in Miami in the next month will also address this new innovation. For now, the good standard for Breast Augmentation is with implantation.