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CPG (Contour Profile Gel) Implants are available at The Aesthetic Surgery Centre

Select surgeons are allowed to use the CPG implants. Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani is one of the select surgeons in Florida who has the special privileges of CPG implant use. Surgical expertise and a commitment to careful patient follow-up were the criteria in choosing the select surgeons.

The main advantages of CPG implants include longevity and shape. Rippling is least evident in these type of implants and therefore the development of folds is very minimal to none. It is the folding of the implants that cause implants to ultimately fail. What distinguishes these type of implants is that the silicone gel is much firmer – synonymous to a “soft solid”. If a CPG implant is cut in half, there is no gross movement of gel and the implant maintains its shape. This non-movement is possible because the manufacturer uses more “crosslinker” in the making of the implant. This “crosslinker” makes the gel firmer. Cohesive breast implants implies form stability, or form retention. That means that in any position, the implant maintains its shape. This means that the shell should not fold and that it will maintain a particular shape.

Many people interchangeably use the terminology “regular” silicone gel implants with that of the Cohesive Gel Implants. Technically, all silicone gel is cohesive to some degree. But the term cohesive has always meant form stability. Keep in mind that the natural breast projects more at the bottom than at the top. The Cohesive Gel Implant is designed in such a way that it mimics this shape. The thinner the implant is at the top, the more gradually and naturally it will feather into the upper chest, making itself less conspicuous.

The trial for Contour Profile Gel implants is open and available for patients who are committed and willing to participate for a full ten years of follow-up to be considered for the study. During the course of the study, monetary reimbursements are awarded to the patient for their commitment in the follow-up study.

For more information about the Contour Profile Gel implants, please contact our office today at 407-677-8999 or call toll free at 888-919-6398.