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Staff Members at The Aesthetic Surgery Centre

Last Friday we posted our very last question before the grandprize giveaway: Name the staff members with their role/position at Dr. Jon’s office. Here are the answers! By the way, there is no Brenda at the office and everyone forgot the one person in the Operating Room! Let’s take a look below:

Barbara – Patient Care Coordinator/Front Office

Barbara's favorite color

Barbara’s favorite color

Barbara has worked over 25 years alone in Plastic Surgery. She has 2 dogs named Thor and Molly who she adores. She enjoys spending time gardening with her husband and simply sitting around the fire pit with a glass of wine with friends in the colder months immersing in good conversation. When Barbara has free time, you will find her spending time with her grandchildren. She is known for her two famous desserts: Jello Salad and Cake Cookies. Barbara’s favorite place to eat is La Cantina with family and friends. If you are struggling to look for a gift for Barbara, as long as it’s purple you are safe because that is her favorite and only color in existence! She has a good heart and her office nickname has been “Tool Belt Barb” because of her many fix-it abilities and handyman skills…or shall we say handywoman skills!

Denia – Patient Care Coordinator/Surgery Scheduling

A little spice doesn't  hurt

A little spice in life doesn’t hurt Denia

Denia started in the field of plastic surgery in 1985 and like the Energizer Bunny she is still going! She engages is missionary work in Honduras and whole heartedly committed to helping others providing spiritual and emotional health to children and families. Her missionary trips provide these families with hope and a better tomorrow. Denia loves cooking for family and friends and can easily whip up a meal to feed a hundred people! Her home is always open to her family every weekend for dinner gatherings and spending time sharing fond memories. She enjoys spicy food with a good kick and loves to cook for the office. She is known for her famous Cucumber Cumin Salad and is often accompanied with hummus and pita. Denia finds humour a trait that we must all indulge in because life is sometimes just too short. She is a devoted grandmother and will seek ways to find the good in everyone and that makes her a special lady!

Brittany – Registered Nurse

Brittany can eat this everyday!

Brittany can eat this everyday!

Brittany is new to Plastic Surgery, but has always been her desired interest and goal to work in this field. She became a Registered Nurse and a first time mother in March of 2011. With hugs, kisses, love and laughter you will find her inseparable from her 21 month-old daughter. Brittany is excited about her recent purchase of her new home and the remodeling efforts she has undertaken. With the financial stress she has absorbed with her new home you will also find her attending Boot Camp, BodyWorks and Pilates classes to relieve all that stress! Brittany’s all time favorite food consists of steak, mushroom and onions and if she could she would eat that every single day. She enjoys being around people who can make her laugh. She is proud of her brother who recently joined the University of Georgia’s football team – go Dawgs! It has been a long term goal of Brittany’s to one day become a Nurse Practitioner and continue to try new things in life.

Marianne – Practice Manager/Registered Nurse

Marianne's new hobby!

Marianne’s new hobby!

Marianne has been a Registered Nurse for over 28 years! Born and raised in Utica, New York she loves the winter months that New York has to offer. She is a New York Yankee fan and you will find her involved with her boys sporting events and would be considered an all-around “sports mom”! As much as she is a sports lover she is equally an arts and crafts kinda gal. Marianne enjoys preserving family memories and has an unbelievable and detailed scrapbook collection. She recently has been engaged in another crafty hobby which includes knitting. Marianne is passionate about Genealogy and loves to study families and the tracing of their history and lineages, she would be considered a family history resource in her family. Her favorite TV shows include True Blood, Once Upon A Time and Dancing With The Stars. Marianne has dancing feet and enjoys the Waltz, Fox Trot and Rhumba. She especially enjoys doing the rhumba to hard rock music such as the Rolling Stones tunes. She is a renowned chef in her household and received much applause for her homemade dishes, especially orecchiette pasta!

Tisha – Certified Scrub Technician/Operating Room

Tisha's favorite recreational activity

Tisha’s favorite recreational activity

Tisha has worked primarily is this field for 16 years but additionally in the fields of oral surgery and podiatry. She was born and raised in Fort Pierce, Florida where she spent practically every weekend on the waters with her parents as dive instructors. To this day Tisha has a sincere passion for offshore fishing and diving where she spends as much time in the Bahamas as possible on her boat. She is an avid supporter of CCA (Coastal Conservation Association). Her best friend is her husband of 12 years. She enjoys a glass of red wine with perhaps a hint of vodka at times! Tisha surrounds herself with honest friendly people that make her laugh and make lite of life beings the world is full of chaos. She despises cigarettes and the dark (she is still running from the boogie man!) Tisha does not have any children (by choice) however her dog is the closest thing to her heart other than her husband.

Julie – Medical Assistant/Operating Room

Julie cannot have enough of these!

Julie cannot have enough of these!

Julie has been in the medical field over 20 years with 7 years at The Aesthetic Surgery Centre. She enjoys electronic reading on her new Kindle with a glass of wine. Supporting both of her daughters she is a true soccer and volleyball mom. With the slight convincing of her husband, she recently joined a couples soccer team. Julie is always on-the-go and loves going to the gym and healthy eating. She also immerses herself in physical, mental and spiritual disciplining by participating avidly in Yoga. Julie enjoys spicy Indian food and shopping equally and if she can do that simultaneously she would! Her biggest pet peeve is unwound cords so if you like to irritate Julie you leave the vacuum cord unwound. She is easy-going (unless you leave things untidy for her) and a warm-hearted individual. Julie would consider herself having a bigger shoe fetish than Imelda Marcos!

Dr. Miller – Anesthesiologist

Dr. Miller's next vacation spot!

Dr. Miller’s next vacation spot!

Dr. Miller has been practicing over 30 years in anesthesia and has administered over 40,000 anesthetics!!! He is a big Florida Gators fan and has scrubs to prove it. He enjoys ball room dancing with his wife and particularly enjoys smooth dances the best such as Waltz, Tango and Foxtrot. Dr. Miller is a proud father to his three boys and with the help of his wife, Linda, they have raised three very fine gentlemen who have done quite well for themselves. Spending time with his 3 sons is very important for Dr. Miller and are priceless moments . With the female craze and social buzz on the book Fifty Shades of Grey, Dr. Miller decided to read the book! However, his last book he read was Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Dr. Miller enjoys traveling and he will be headed to Alaska with his family this summer. Additionally, Dr. Miller was the only Physician in the State of Florida to run for Federal office in 2010. Dr. Miller would be considered a bit of a World War II Historian. His favorite movies include Animal House and Top Gun. Dr. Miller enjoys his daily coffee prepared by Julie and if you want him to have an upset stomach you serve him plantains and curry!

Roshani – Social Media Coordinator/Registered Nurse

Roshani has the entire DVD collection of this.

Roshani has the entire DVD collection of this.

Okay, my turn! Yikes….this is not easy!
Roshani has been in the field of Plastic Surgery for over 13 years and with Dr. Jon for about 8 years. Born and raised in Chicago, she frequents her hometown quite a bit to spend time with her family and friends. She enjoys detailed-handmade card-making and the biggest project she undertook was for a lavish wedding of 400 invitations, each handmade! She equally enjoys gift wrapping and this was a service she provided in Chicago to her friends. Flipping through Hollywood magazines or the Architectural Digest are her past time hobbies. Additionally, you will find her relaxing at home watching I Love Lucy re-runs, movies on Netflix with her white fuzzy blanket or watching Scooby Doo with her 3 year old son. She has a sweet tooth and enjoys all sorts of candies and goodies from Kit Kat’s and M&Ms to Crème Brulee and White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecakes. Most importantly despite her sugary addictions, she has been recently cleared of any dental cavities! Roller coasters with steep drops and creepy insects frighten her. She is devoted to her son and is presently spending time sharpening his basic math and sign language skills. If the sky was the limit she would divulge in interior home designing and home décor. Roshani likes going to nice Steakhouses for the ambiance but does not eat steak. She enjoys going to the coffee shop but does not drink coffee. She loves the sights and sounds of water but has miserably failed swimming lessons multiple times and has yet to learn to swim!

Dr Jon – Medical Director of Aesthetic Surgery Centre/Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
sunDr. Jon enjoys watching the sunrise with his morning coffee and sunsets with a good French wine. He has no desire to jump out of moving plane so sky diving is out of the question! As we all know Dr. Jon’s position is pretty obvious but his most important job is to manage all the estrogen in the office :)

We cannot thank all of you enough for your participation and most importantly your enthusiasm along the way! We hope that you found the trivia questions and answer sessions informative and entertaining. Our grandprize giveaway will be announced tomorrow so stay tuned on our Facebook page.

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Submitted by: Roshani J. Patel