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Jobs growing up for Dr. Jon

Last Friday we posted the following question: Which of the following jobs did Dr. Jon have growing up? The following options were listed:
A) Stock boy at grocery store
B) Bar Tender
C) Delivering Sunday Newspaper
D) Laboratory Research Technician
E) All of the above

Believe it or not, the correct answer is “E” – All of the above!

Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani grew up in Utica, New York where he delivered the Sunday newspaper as a child from about the Fifth grade until he graduated High School. He additionally worked at a local grocery store, Price Chopper, as a stock boy during the summer months while he was in high school.

Dr. Jon also adds, “I sold ice cream during the summer months as a kid out of my house. We had a big freezer in our basement and we bought bulk popsicles and ice cream sandwiches and I sold them to the kids in the neighborhood. I had a special for the kids on my block, ‘buy 50 and get 1 free’. I kept track of what all the kids purchased!”

The photo posted above was taken on Dr. Jon’s last day in research lab while in college. He did immunology research with monoclonal antibodies and worked in the capacity of a Laboratory Research Technician.

During his senior year in college, Dr. Jon worked at Red Lobster as a bar tender on weekends. This is where he learned and mastered the “Shipwreck” and “Lighthouse” cocktails!

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