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How Many Years to Become a Plastic Surgeon?

Pictured above is Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani during his last year of his Residency Program!

Last Friday I proposed the first Trivia Question to start off our contest and plenty of responses came flooding! I was thoroughly impressed with the responses of our fans – some elicited a chuckle while others even left me second guessing my own question and had to double check my resources! So let’s get right to it, How many years does it take to become a Plastic Surgeon?

The answer is 13-15 years or even more! Let’s take a look at our very own Dr. Jon’s route to his educational endeavors. Upon graduating Thomas R. Proctor High School in Utica, New York, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani went to college at The University of Nebraska in in Lincoln, Nebraska where he attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and graduated with Cum Laude – with outstanding honor distinction (4 years). Then he proceeded to Medical School at University of Nebraska College of Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska again graduating with distinction Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) and attaining is Medical Degree (4 years). Right now we are at 8 years. To become a Plastic Surgeon, one must complete a residency program in General Surgery. Dr. Jon Trevisani completed his General Surgery Residency Program at University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas. The General Surgery Residency Program is 5 years which he becomes a General Surgeon. To enter the field of Plastic Surgery requires special training in called a Fellowship Training and/or advanced training Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency Program which is 2 years. This additional specialty training took place at The University of Rochester, Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York. In sum, after graduating high school Dr. Jon has a grand total of 15 years of education and schooling to have become a Plastic Surgeon (with the understanding that education and advancements in Plastic Surgery never stop and are always continuing).

However, now the residency program is a combined program of only 3 years in General Surgery and 3 years in Plastics, then an optional fellowship to follow. Additionally, some undergraduate college study programs offer an accelerated Pre-Med program that combines the traditional undergraduate college years and medical school years to a 7 year program versus 8 years.

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