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How Do I Handle Post-Operative Pain?

“Name one way to cope with post-surgical pain” was posted on our Facebook Fan Page this weekend and we had great responses! All those who responded over the weekend answered correctly and will be awarded with a gift card for your participation.

First we must realize that everyone handles pain differently. A history of chronic pain and long term pain medication usage will lead to a tolerance to the pain medication which may result in taking higher doses of medication for pain relief. Treating pain promptly is always best. You should not delay taking prescribed medication when the pain starts.

Taking the time to talk to your surgeon and anesthesiologist about your concerns and needs as they relate to pain management following surgery is important. Discussing with your surgical team about your medication history is vital and relevant to efficient pain control. Your doctor needs to know about all your supplements, prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications you take in order to prevent unwanted drug interactions.

Here are some pain facts:

• Pain is different for everyone
• Pain may be sharp, dull, stabbing, cramping, throbbing, constant, on/off
• Pain can adversely affect blood pressure, heart rate, appetite and general mood.
• Healing occurs faster when pain is under control.
• Treating pain early usually brings quicker and better results.

There are several other techniques to handle post-operative pain in conjunction with taking the pain medication prescribed by your surgeon. Focusing on relaxation by perhaps listening to relaxation tapes can create calm, peaceful images in your mind and provide a “mental escape”. You can try by practicing using the relaxation tape before your surgery and then during your recovery. Listening to soft music, breathing exercises, meditation/prayer and massage therapy are also additional methods to relieve or lessen pain. However, keep in mind that any technique you are considering to implement should be first discussed with your surgeon as some techniques may be contraindicated.

Additionally, for some patients heat or cold applications may be an option that you can discuss with your surgeon. This therapy can help reduce swelling and discomfort; however it is important to discuss this technique with your surgeon as sometimes these methods are contraindicated for certain procedures. Lastly, I cannot emphasize this more…COMPLIANCE! Following your surgeon’s restrictions will help with post-operative management. Becoming too active too quickly following surgery will cause unnecessary swelling and pain.

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