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How Can You Prevent Blood Clots After Surgery?

shutterstock_17771611Last Friday we proposed the following question on our Facebook page:  How can one prevent blood clots from developing after a surgical procedure?  All the responses received were correct answers!  So good job everyone :)

Let us start first with answering the basic questions.

1)  What is a blood clot?  
Blood clots form when blood fails to circulate adequately.
A DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) is a blood clot that forms in the leg veins, typically beginning in the calf veins.  A PE (Pulmonary Embolism) is caused by a blood clot, typically in the leg, groin, or pelvic veins (and occasionally in the upper extremity veins) which breaks free and travels to the lung arteries. A DVT is often the source of a clot that travels to the lung arteries and becomes a PE.
2)  What are the signs and symptoms of this?
Swelling of one leg, leg pain or tenderness, reddish or bluish skin discoloration, the leg is warm to touch, sudden shortness of breath, chest pain is sharp and stabbing, rapid heart rate.
3)  How can one prevent this from happening?
Do walk regularly after surgery.  Walking helps pump blood through the leg veins, preventing clots from forming.
Do use SCDs.  Sequential compression devices (SCDs) are mechanical pumps that intermittently compress the leg veins, promoting circulation by simulating walking.  These are placed on all of our surgical patients undergoing surgery as a prophylactic measure.
Do NOT smoke before and after your surgery.  Smoking causes constriction of blood vessels , impairing blood flow and oxygenation.  Smoking greatly increases your risk of blood clots.
Do disclose your health history with your surgeon and let him/her know if you have had a blood clot before, family history of blood clots, presence of blood clotting disorders and any underlying medical conditions as this may put you at a higher risk than the general population.
Internet Source:  The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism, US Dept of Health and Human Services


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Submitted by: Roshani J. Patel