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How Can I Get A Breast Lift Without Resulting Scars?

If you are considering breast lift or any type of cosmetic enhancement surgery, you are likely wondering about how noticeable the resulting scars from the procedure might be. In the case of breast lift surgery, there are a variety of techniques that make it possible for scarring to be very light, inconspicuous, and well-hidden. Our skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani, has made breast surgery a hallmark of his practice and his considerable experience, combined with advanced surgical techniques, […]

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Does a Breast Lift Require Breast Implants?

Loose, inelastic skin developing in the breasts is a very common occurrence, and many women begin to feel very self-conscious when the breasts take on a “sagging” appearance. Often due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, genetics, weight loss, or even just the toll that gravity and the natural aging process eventually takes on the body, the effects of excess skin among the breasts can be significantly reduced and improved with breast lift surgery. When this option is considered by women here at […]

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If you want a smaller scar, then ask for the Funnel!

The Keller Funnelâ„¢ now enables surgeons to use silicone implants using smaller incisions, similar to those of saline implants. This advanced sterile device has a special hydrophilic interior coating. The tip of the Funnel is placed through the incision and the implant is placed through the opening of the Funnel. As a result, the incision length is much smaller and other benefits include less bruising and less post-operative discomfort. To learn more about this advanced technique call our office at […]

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