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Orlando Plastic Surgeon on Tummy Tuck Candidacy

Orlando, FL – Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani, a practitioner of Orlando plastic surgery, performs several tummy tuck procedures a week. He has noticed that recently more tummy tuck patients are opting to have breast lift, breast augmentation, or breast reduction surgery simultaneously, as the popularity of “mommy makeover” procedures rises. According to Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani, ideal candidates for the tummy tuck procedure are patients with a presentation of excess skin on the abdomen but who otherwise appear to be […]

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Orlando Plastic Surgeon Sheds Light on Anesthesia Facts and Myths

Orlando, FL – Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani, an Orlando plastic surgeon, has noticed a lot of patient misinformation regarding anesthesia and wants to set some facts straight. Many patients believe local anesthesia is entirely safe and riskless, when in fact even local anesthesia has its own set of concerns patients should address before a procedure. When patients undergo local anesthesia, they are receiving lidocaine in high concentrations to a specified area within a short period of time. The side effects […]

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Husband’s Role in Orlando Mommy Makeover

Orlando, FL — Many women undergo Mommy Makeovers every year; however, the woman is not always the only one affected by the procedural process and results. Spouses can often play an integral role in preparation and recovery to help their significant other achieve the results they desire. Orlando plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani recently received feedback from Tom McGuire, the husband of one of his patients, about the role he played during his wife’s Mommy Makeover and how the […]

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Never Say Never to Plastic Surgery: Orlando Mother of Three on Mommy Makeover

Orlando, FL — After raising her three children, Vicki decided she was ready to consider cosmetic surgery to feel more confident and address the physical impact pregnancy and childbirth had on her body. While the mommy makeover is typically a combination of procedures performed at one time to cut down on multiple rounds of anesthesia and recovery periods, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani says many women decide to take their transformation one step at a time. When […]

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