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Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani offers Strattice® dermal grafting to enhance the cosmetic results of breast surgery for patients with thin breast tissue. In many cases, when corrective breast augmentation is performed following severe breast implant complications, it can be difficult to create beautiful breasts due to the lack of natural tissue and support for the implants. For patients with virtually minimal breast tissue as a result of naturally thin skin, or for those who have experienced problems like capsular contracture or implant rippling from previous breast surgeries, Strattice® grafting can provide the solution to achieving natural-looking, healthy results.

Strattice®, also known as Acellular Dermal Matrix, is a dermal graft that is placed in the breast pocket to reinforce soft, thin tissue, support blood vessel network development, and encourage cell regeneration. Derived from porcine (pig) skin, Strattice® offers firm and lasting strength to help secure implant placement and prevent common complications with breast surgery. For patients who have had previous breast augmentations, the sheet of sterile tissue placed during the procedure can reduce the visibility of breast implants for more natural-looking results and more cosmetically shaped breasts. Strattice® may be used in conjunction with many of our breast procedures, including breast lift with implants and breast augmentation revision.

Patient Story

One of Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani’s recent patients for breast implants received Strattice® grafting to give her skin more thickness and coverage after an accident during her childhood and several breast surgery complications. Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani says that when she first came to his practice, this patient had suffered from scarred and asymmetric breasts as a result of a horse falling on her at the age of 15 and was left with scarred and asymmetrical breasts. Suffering from severe trauma and scar tissue to the breast area, this patient underwent a breast augmentation which later developed capsular contracture and Staphyloccus infection. She had the implants removed and then decided to have another breast augmentation to correct her many complications, leaving her with thin skin and rippling. By the time she came to see Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani, she was unhappy with the shape, feel, disfigurement, and scarring of her breasts. Using Strattice®, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani was able to save her breasts and restore her natural beauty using new implants through inframammary incisions and dermal grafting placement on the left and right breasts. She now has beautiful, proportional curves and a natural-looking figure.


Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani is proud to offer this innovation in breast surgery technique to help patients with thin skin or revisionary augmentations due to symmastia, bottoming out, rippling, capsular contracture, or fold malpositions. As with any procedure, there is always a risk of infection. However, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani and his staff take meticulous precautionary steps, including multiple antibiotic soaks in saline before use, to prevent this from occurring.


We will be happy to discuss your options for breast surgery with Strattice® grafting during an initial consultation with Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani. To schedule your complimentary consultation, please contact The Aesthetic Surgery Centre or fill out the online screening form.