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Breast Implant Options

Choosing breast augmentation surgery can be a step towards self-improvement — not only taking charge of your body’s aesthetics, but also doing what will help you feel better and increase your confidence. Once you have made your decision to move forward, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani and his team of plastic surgery professionals will work with you to make additional decisions, including what type of breast implants are best for you.

The Aesthetic Surgery Centre always provides the highest quality of customer service, surgical techniques, and procedures. Part of what sets The Aesthetic Surgery Centre apart is our consistent attention to detail, including staying current with advancing technology and materials used in the implants themselves. There are two primary types of breast implants: saline-filled and silicone gel-filled. Learn about your different breast implant options – from saline to (silicone) cohesive gel implants – with our experienced breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani.

How Do I Determine the Right Breast Implant Size for Me?

One of the most important decisions you’ll make during the breast augmentation process is the best implant size to achieve your goals. Some women desire a dramatic and noticeable enhancement, while others may want a more natural-looking increase in breast volume. In general, the most ideal implant size for your needs will be influenced by your body frame, anatomical indicators, and your wishes for the outcome. You will also have the opportunity to “try on” different implant sizes during your consultation so you can get an idea of how each option may affect your silhouette. Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani will listen to your goals and assist you in determining the most optimal size based on your desired results. It can also be helpful to explore our before-and-after photos to gain an understanding of what results are possible, or to bring in magazine photos of your hopes for the outcome to your consultation.

What Types of Breast Implants Can I Choose From?

Saline Implants

Saline implants are currently the most common type used in breast enhancement surgery. They have a silicone elastomer shell filled with a sterile saline (saltwater) liquid. These popular implants are not pre-filled; instead, they are filled with a valve after being placed in the breast pocket. Since the implants are empty when they are surgically inserted, the incision size can be smaller than is usually necessary for silicone gel implants, which are filled with silicone before the surgery is performed.

In some rare instances, breast implants can rupture and deflate. When saline implants rupture, they hold an advantage over other types of implants in that the results are typically immediately noticeable and the saltwater solution is harmlessly absorbed in the body. The implant can then be removed or replaced. Saline implants can also be very beneficial for patients who have asymmetrical breasts because fluid can also be added or reduced during implantation to ensure a balanced appearance.

Saline implants are approved for breast augmentation in women 18 years or older and for breast reconstruction in women of all ages.

Silicone Gel Implants

Silicone implants have a silicone shell, which is pre-filled with a viscous silicone gel. In November of 2006, the FDA approved the new and improved cohesive silicone gel-filled breast implants for both breast reconstruction and augmentation. Cosmetic use of these implants is available to women 22 years or older. Over a million women around the world have already received these innovative silicone implants.

Cohesive gel implants are available in varying degrees of firmness, accommodating the different needs of patients. The word “cohesive” is a new term being used to describe the nature of the fill. However, this is not new science or new technology. “Cohesive” is simply a word being used to help describe the “sticking together” nature of the gel. The gel filler acts as a solid unit rather than a liquid, holding together uniformly, while retaining the natural “give” that resembles actual breast tissue. Because of his expertise, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani has the distinction of being part of the first group of surgeons in the United States able to perform primary breast augmentations using silicone implants.

Although saline breast implants are more noticeable in cases of implant rupture when compared with silicone implants, current silicone implants are very advanced and have been designed with thicker, more durable outer shells that are more resistant to rupture and leakage. However, the FDA recommends that patients with silicone breast implants undergo regular MRI screenings every two years, and routinely examine their breasts for any signs of irregularities.


Since its inception, the IDEAL IMPLANT® has often been considered the preferred implant choice for a wide range of breast augmentation patients. Sometimes referred to as “structured saline,” it consists of saline solution inside several layers of a silicone shell, the multiple tiers of silicone intended to lower the risk of tears or ruptures in the implant. As a relatively new breast implant option, the IDEAL IMPLANT® is designed to provide the realistic look and feel of a silicone implant with the safety benefits of a saline implant.

While traditional silicone implants often rupture silently and cause no changes in the breast appearance, an IDEAL IMPLANT® will noticeably change shape in the event of a tear or leak. This can save patients the inconvenience of scheduling an MRI to confirm their implants are in good condition. If an IDEAL IMPLANT® does rupture, the saline should be absorbed by the body with no harm to surrounding tissues. For this reason, many patients enjoy the peace of mind and natural-looking aesthetic offered by the IDEAL IMPLANT®, with its unique composition considered to combine the advantages of both saline and silicone implants.

Contour Profile Gel (CPG) Implants

CPG implants are only allowed to be utilized in procedures performed by a select group of surgeons, and Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani is one of them. These new, state-of-the-art breast implants are designed to be very long-lasting, and to minimize the chances of rippling and folds. The silicone gel inside CPG breast implants is even firmer than traditional implants, and is remarkably adept at retaining its shape in any position.

Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani is currently involved in a clinical trial study of these types of implants. The study requires you to cooperate with a full ten-years of follow-up examinations to determine the effects of the implants. Monetary reimbursements are provided for patients who decide to take part.

How are Breast Implants Placed During Breast Augmentation?

The surgical procedure for breast augmentation takes approximately one to two hours.During the consultation process, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani will also talk to you about possible placement options for your breast implants. In general, the implant pocket can be made either above or below the chest muscle. The most beneficial placement location for you will depend on your lifestyle, body frame, and the size of your implants. In either case, natural-looking results can be achieved as long as you’re under the care of a qualified breast augmentation surgeon. Although initial soreness is to be expected during the recovery period, most patients are up and around within 24 to 48 hours after their surgery.

Keller Funnel™

The incisions that need to be created to place silicone breast implants can now be made much smaller with The Keller Funnel™ technique. Traditionally, silicone implant incisions are larger compared with those necessary for saline implant procedures. The Keller Funnel™ technique allows Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani to insert the implants through a smaller incision while minimizing trauma to the implant or surrounding tissue during the procedure. It also reduces stress on the implant shell during placement and often lessens bruising following surgery. Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani is well-versed in this innovative technique and he has performed it on many patients with successful results.

How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

While they’re not designed to last a lifetime, breast implants can provide good results for many years — even decades. In the majority of cases, implants do not need to be removed or replaced unless you experience a complication or you simply no longer desire your enhancement. Potential breast implant complications typically include:

  • Rippling: Implant rippling occurs when the edges of an implant are visible or noticeable, often taking away from a natural-looking appearance.
  • Capsular Contracture: Capsular contracture refers to the formation of scar tissue around an implant, which is the immune system’s natural response to a foreign object in the body. While mild capsular contracture is very common and often asymptomatic, cases in which the scar tissue distorts the appearance of the breasts or causes pain may require breast revision surgery to correct.
  • Rupture: Implant rupture is very rare, but nonetheless possible. “Rupture” refers to a break or leak in a breast implant, sometimes causing a noticeable change in the shape of the breasts. Although saline implants typically have a “deflated” look if a rupture occurs, silicone implants may keep their shape.

Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani advises keeping an eye on possible changes in the look or feel of your breasts to ensure they’re still in good condition, as complications can sometimes present cosmetic symptoms or cause feelings of firmness, tightness, soreness, or pain. If your implants need to be replaced or if you want to exchange them for a newer type/size, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani also performs breast augmentation revision surgery to resolve these concerns.

For more information about breast implants or other breast surgery options, contact The Aesthetic Surgery Centre today.