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Breast Reduction

Exceptionally large breasts can cause many women to feel self-conscious and embarrassed, ultimately affecting their confidence level and overall well-being. In addition to lower self-esteem, the disproportionate size and excess weight can also cause physical discomfort, lead to pain and medical problems, and hinder the potential for an active and carefree lifestyle.

Performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Jon Paul Trevisani, MD, the goal of breast reduction is to make the breasts smaller, lighter, and firmer. Reduction surgery reduces the breast size in proportion to the rest of the body. During this procedure, the size of the areola — which surrounds the nipple — can also be reduced if necessary.

What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is a procedure designed to remove excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue causing the breasts to appear disproportionately larger than a patient’s body frame. This is performed to either resolve uncomfortable symptoms caused by large breasts, or to simply attain lighter, more proportionate contours. The result of surgery is generally a more manageable bust size, often alleviating the physical and emotional discomfort often experienced by women with large, heavy breasts. Since the breasts are reshaped during the procedure, patients usually enjoy benefits of a breast lift to some extent. The outcome of breast reduction can be extremely transformative — many patients in Orlando are more motivated to lead an active and healthy lifestyle after the procedure, as they are no longer held back by the weight and pain of their breasts. Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani is committed to listening to your concerns and desires to help you make a decision about whether breast reduction is the best treatment for your goals.

Reasons Why Women Choose Breast Reduction

While the unique experiences of patients vary, the burdens of living with heavy, excessive breast tissue can result in a range of physical and emotional health concerns. Some of the most common issues women with large breasts often contend with include:

  • Pain in the back, shoulders, or neck
  • Rashes and irritation under the breasts
  • Difficulty exercising and being active
  • Numbness or nerve pain
  • Bra strap indentations
  • Poor self-image
  • Ill-fitting clothing

Breast reduction has the potential to improve or completely resolve the preceding symptoms by eliminating redundant skin, fat, and glandular tissue contributing to overly large or pendulous (drooping) breasts. While the nature of the breast reduction procedure includes a lift to some extent, some patients may achieve a better outcome by combining their surgery with mastopexy to further rejuvenate the appearance of their bust. Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani can speak with you more about a combination treatment plan during your consultation, if desired.

What are the Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery?

A breast reduction is widely regarded as one of the most rewarding cosmetic surgeries by patients and doctors alike. The procedure can not only improve the appearance of the breasts in relation to the rest of the body, but breast reduction can also help patients achieve a less strenuous quality of life. Benefits of the surgery can include:

  • Relief from chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Improved posture
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Relaxation of stretched skin
  • Ability to sleep and breathe easier
  • Diminished shoulder pressure from bra straps
  • Rejuvenation and lifting of the breasts and nipples
  • More proportionate breasts in relation to the rest of the body
  • Alleviation of skin irritation or rashes under the breasts
  • Reduction in the size of areolas when enlarged from stretched skin
  • Increased ability to exercise and participate in physical activities

If dominant breasts are affecting your health or well-being, you can generally undergo breast reduction surgery at any age. However, it’s advisable to wait until you’re at least 20 years old, at which time your breasts are more likely to be fully developed. In some cases, surgery is performed in teens who suffer significant emotional and psychological effects due to having large breasts.

Is Breast Reduction Right for Me?

If your breasts are negatively affecting your ability to live life, or if you cannot engage in exercise and recreational activities without strain, breast reduction can help. You may consider surgically reducing your breasts if you feel:

  • Dissatisfied with your breasts
  • Less confident due to your breast size
  • Pain, shoulder grooving, or other symptoms caused by the weight of your chest
  • Rashes and irritation underneath the breasts
  • An inability to find well-fitting or comfortable clothing

During your consultation, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani will review your medical history and listen closely to your goals to determine whether you would be a good candidate for breast reduction. Every patient has different motivations for considering breast reduction and the decision of whether or not to pursue the procedure is ultimately up to you.

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Breast reduction begins with an incision around the areola that extends below the natural curve of the breast. Excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue are removed, and the nipples and areolas are repositioned. The remaining skin is tightened to form the new shape of the breast. The entire breast reduction procedure is performed under general anesthesia and takes up to three hours to complete. The technique used to reduce your breast size will be determined during your personal consultation with Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani. During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to share your individual preferences and desired results.

What is Recovery From Breast Reduction Like?

Although you will likely experience swelling, bruising, and minor discomfort after breast reduction, these symptoms should subside as your breasts heal. Medication and ice packs are typically enough to manage any uncomfortable side effects after surgery. A surgical bra or compression garment is generally worn immediately after the procedure to help reduce swelling and shape your new breast contours. Most patients return to non-strenuous work within seven days, although exercise and physically demanding activities should be avoided for at least four weeks or until Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani advises otherwise. He will monitor your progress during the recovery period through periodic follow-up appointments.

How Long Do Results From Breast Reduction Last?

Breast reduction surgery can produce a more proportionate breast size for the long-term future and the outcome is designed to last a lifetime. While the effects of the natural aging process may still affect the elasticity of the breast skin, the size of the breasts should remain stable as long as patients maintain a consistent weight. Generally speaking, pregnancy and breastfeeding after the procedure may influence the appearance of the breast contours. Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani will be able to further explain what you can expect from the results of breast reduction. The before-and-after photos in our patient gallery can also provide a good idea of the outcomes breast reduction can potentially achieve.

Will I Have Visible Scars From Breast Reduction?

Scars from breast reduction vary according to the technique used during your procedure. Depending on the extent of reduction necessary to achieve your ideal outcome, incisions are either made in a lollipop/keyhole pattern around the areolas, or in an anchor-like fashion along the breast crease. In either case, scarring is carefully disguised within the borders of the areolas and the natural breast fold whenever possible. Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani will show you exactly where you can expect your scars to appear during your consultation. In most cases, meticulously following Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani’s wound care instructions can help scars fade over time. Special skincare products and brightening creams can also help diminish the appearance of scarring from breast reduction.

How Much Does Breast Reduction Cost?

The cost of breast reduction at our Orlando practice is approximately $7,000 depending on your individual needs and the details of your procedure. Other factors that can influence your personalized quote include:

  • The surgical technique used during breast reduction
  • The complexity of your treatment plan
  • Applicable insurance coverage

Breast reduction is one of few aesthetic procedures that may be covered partially or in full by certain health insurance policies. Your provider will be able to provide you with more information on the necessary requirements to qualify for potential coverage. For all out-of-pocket costs, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani accepts patient financing through CareCredit®. This option can help qualified patients better manage their breast reduction expenses through low monthly payments and flexible low- to no-interest payment plans tailored to accommodate their budgetary concerns. To learn more about the cost of breast reduction, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Is Non-Surgical Breast Reduction Possible?

No matter how much dieting and exercise take place, it’s impossible to replicate the results of breast reduction without surgery. The procedure removes excess tissue permanently, therefore non-surgical methods of decreasing your breast size are generally incapable of reshaping the breasts in the same way as breast reduction.

Though some individuals practice “breast reduction exercises” as a means of obtaining a natural breast reduction, working out can only produce limited results. Patients may lose weight and reduce some extent of fatty tissue in the chest, but the breasts typically become more pendulous and flat more often than not. Chest-targeted exercises also only work to strengthen the pectoral muscles and do not remove the excess glandular tissue targeted in breast reduction.

If you feel like overly large breasts are holding you back, breast reduction surgery can provide you with a new lease on life. For more information, contact The Aesthetic Surgery Centre today.