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Which Breast Implant Shape is Best?


In Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani’s last blog post, he outlined some important information to consider when selecting the appropriate breast implant size for your breast augmentation procedure. In the second installment of this 2-part blog series, he discusses how to choose the shape that will best create the look you want to achieve:

My patients often worry about selecting the right size when it comes to breast implants, but size isn’t the only thing to be considered these days. With advancements in cosmetic surgery procedures, there are now many options available for patients considering breast enhancement. Breast implants also now have a variety of shapes, textures, and profile options.

Some patients prefer teardrop-shaped implants over the more traditional round implants, because they feel it provides a more natural appearance. These implants are best for breast reconstruction, as well as women who are very flat, but do not want a round shape to their breasts. The teardrop-shaped implant can also be beneficial for individuals with pseudoptosis (a condition which causes the appearance of sagginess in the breasts), because the shaped implant can help to lift the nipple a bit. The downside to this particular implant that should be considered is that, if it happens to shift within the breast pocket, it can cause an unsatisfactory appearance, and will require surgery to repair.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate profile for your implants, your surgeon will likely recommend one based on the width of your chest, as well as the look you are trying to accomplish. For example, if a patient has a narrow chest, and wants large breasts, a high-profile implant might be best, because they have a small base with a large projection. With a moderate profile, a narrow-chested patient would have larger bases with less projection. Patients with wider chests might want to consider an implant with a wider base.

Meeting with a board-certified plastic surgeon for a consultation can help you to find the breast implant shape and style that will best meet your needs. For more information about selecting the right breast implant, or to schedule a consultation with me, please contact The Aesthetic Surgery Centre today.