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Debunking Myths on Breast Augmentation: Part 1

During my portion of the consultation with patients, I often times get statements from patients that are untrue that they have heard from friends or have seen on the internet. So, I wanted to take this opportunity to “debunk some myths”. Let’s get right to it:

Myth: “I’m too old to get Breast Augmentation”

Fact: During your consultation, your health and medical history will be reviewed in great length. So ladies, if you are healthy and in good medical condition there is no reason why you cannot have Breast Augmentation. Women finally make time and invest money on them when they are ready…and that can be in their 40s, 50s or even 60s! So, it’s never too late!

Myth: “Implants will lift my breasts”

Fact: Implants do not correct sagging. Breast Augmentation using implants restores or gives women volume. For patients with a moderate or severe degree of breast droopiness or sagging, she needs to consider a breast lift surgery. Often times, breast lifts are done in conjunction with breast implants. But, implants alone do NOT lift breasts. Nipple position does NOT change with implants. So, if the nipples are low they will still stay low with implants. Only a breast lift surgery will lift nipple position. Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani will determine your candidacy for this surgery and will advise you accordingly.

Myth: “I heard that you have to get implants re-done every 5-10 years”

Fact: It is recommended to have your implants exchanged if you have a rupture. However, if you are not having any problems or issues with your implants, there is no medical reason to get breast implant replacement surgery. Women sometimes get their breast implants re-done for many other reasons such as wanting to go larger, the toll pregnancy has taken on the breasts, excessive weight gain/loss, etc. Implants can remain intact and last a lifetime!

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