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Is a Tummy Tuck similar to a C-Section in terms of Pain?

Last week we proposed the the following Facebook Trivia Question: Is a Tummy Tuck similar to a C-Section in terms of Pain?

In general, there is more dissection involved with a tummy tuck than a cesarean section. In a c-section, there is an intraabdominal component to the operation and the fibrous tissue layer is cut. In abdominoplasty, the fibrous tissue layer is plicated (folded in or tucked) leading to tightness.

However, people experience pain and discomfort differently. First we must realize that everyone handles pain differently. A history of chronic pain and long term pain medication usage will lead to a tolerance to the pain medication which may result in taking higher doses of medication for pain relief. Treating pain promptly is always best. You should not delay taking prescribed medication when the pain starts.

“Generally speaking, most of my patients who have had a history of cesarean sections are able to handle the abdominoplasty recovery beautifully. Most of our patients do not even finish the first prescription of pain medication that I give them,” states Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani.

Taking the time to talk to your surgeon and anesthesiologist about your concerns and needs as they relate to pain management following surgery is important. Discussing with your surgical team about your medication history is vital and relevant to efficient pain control. Your doctor needs to know about all your supplements, prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications you take in order to prevent unwanted drug interactions.

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